1. thebreathofarda:


    can’t stay mad at older brothers 

    || I laughed and then I cried.

    Tolkien left out that Melkor had the best puppy eyes.  But it’s the only explanation.

  2. And that’s the end.  3-0 to the Netherlands.

    Please God, the final will be better than this!

  3. Nice gesture; the Dutch subbed the goalie so the third choice, Michael Vorm, can get a chance to play at the World Cup (even if it is only two minutes in extra time for the bronze medal of third place).

  4. Third goal for the Dutch in extra time.  Good goal, but dreadful on the part of Brazil.  Absolutely no defending.

  5. Costa Rica should be out there playing for at least third place (if not in the final) because they deserved it more than either of these two.

  6. Hulk actually did well in this latest passage of play and certainly he can cope with the physical Netherlands style of play, but he held onto the ball just that fraction too long and of course, chance wasted.

    See what I mean about not passing when they should, but instead going for individual glory?

    Looking like the Dutch will win this 2-0, which frankly is a scoreilne that flatters them.

  7. Hulk doing his Arjen Robben impersonation and falling over.

    Slightly better play from both sides, but as soon as Brazil get an attack going, they concede possession.


  8. How desperate are the Brazilians?

    They’re bringing on Hulk.

    They need Bruce Banner Hulk, is who they need.

  9. Brazil are playing a bit better, but they have no notion of passing.  Booting it in the general direction of a yellow shirt is not passing the ball.

    I hate to sound like Ron Manager, but good old-fashioned drilling in man-marking and passing would do them a world of good.

    It’s not that the players are bad; they show signs they are good - individually.  But for team work, they are worse than an under-11 junior B side.

  10. Jasper Cillessen and pre-serum Steve Rogers.

    "I’ve got this!"

    (That’s how poor this match is; I’m making crappy photo posts to pass the time)